I have a variety of services available to farmers. Below is a brief summary of what I cover but if you have a specific topic you want to enquire about, you can contact me here.

Risk assessments & action plans

Written, easy to follow Action Plans will be established for your farm business - no matter where you are, based on information supplied during a site visit, completion of my questionnaire and phone and email discussions. After which you will receive an Action Plan & Priorities List. This plan is the first step to setting you on the right path with farm safety.

Inductions & training needs assessments

Assessments to suit your business, whether you employ full time & part time workers, contractors or backpackers.

Fundamentals of farm safety

Together, we can assess all of the aspects to farm safety - chemical handling, emergency procedures, plant and equipment, electrical safety and managing fatigue.

Safety, Road Regulations & Compliance

I can help you with Farm Safety and all that it entails. I also offer assistance and research on farm vehicle and ag machinery regulations for movement on road and other regulations affecting farmers.

Safety Groups for Farm Women

Farm women are key to safety improvements on farm. You can provide genuine support to each other through this journey so I encourage farm women to form small groups and work through farm safety implementation together. Groups could be neighbours, friends, family members, any dynamic you want, and your group support can be largely via electronic communication.

How I can help you

You can do this!

I encourage you along your safety journey and provide whichever level of assistance you require, at your own pace.
Everything I supply has a ‘do it yourself’ outcome, which allows you to learn as we go and enables your business to minimise set-up costs.

I want you to be the one in control of your own business and the way it operates.

Why work with me?

Like you, I live farm life every day.
I too have ‘safety system un-enthusiasts’ within our business!

I too am juggling farm and family so I completely understand the pressures and challenges in your daily life. That's why I am well placed to help. 

I help you navigate work, health & safety, heavy vehicle and agricultural machinery compliance....