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No one wants an injury to themselves or any workers, visitors or family members. But the reality is, you do need to back yourself up with effective farm safety arrangements to protect workers, family and your business.

If you are ever charged with breaching the WH&S Act, having a safe culture and routines in place can give your lawyer some mitigating evidence to help defend you.

It’s not all about paperwork! Record keeping is a good habit to foster but often it’s not the priority item to be addressed on a farm. 


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  • SA Primary Producer Registration explained

    Pilot/escort vehicles do not need to be registered as ‘primary producer’ ‘Primary Producer’ registered vehicles can be driven for any aspect of your life, as long as you are not using them to carry on another business for reward (payment via money or goods) South Australia Motor Vehicles Act 1959 34—Registration fees for primary producers'

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  • Licence to operate Ag Machinery on road

    In South Australia, we require either an MR or HR level licence to operate agricultural machinery on road. Personally, I have no desire whatsoever to get myself a truck licence! Primary Producers in SA are instead allowed to apply for a ‘licence restriction’ with the Licencing Department of DPTI. This permit type arrangement then allows

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  • Large Agricultural Machinery on Road – the evidence

    In 2018, the National Farmers Federation engaged Dr Richard Franklin from James Cook University to investigate the risk levels of Large Agricultural Machinery on road. Dr Franklin offers some effective recommendations for Governments and Industry to consider implementing to continue what is an excellent safety record in comparison to many other road user statistics.

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